Where Do You Find Deals on Sydney CBD Hotels?

Sydney harbour and Opera House

There are plenty of choices in Sydney CBD when trying to find the right hotel.

Sydney is the oldest city in Australia. Founded in 1788 at Sydney Cove by Captain and Later New South Wales’ first Governor Arthur Phillip, Sydney has grown into one of the most livable cities in the world. The city is consistently ranked as having a high quality of life and also one of the most expensive cities to live in.

It hosts numerous events and festivals during the year and plays hosts to thousands of tourists, both domestic and international. Sydney is truly a city of international renown and its citizens are highly respected as friendly and hardworking.

People who travel to Sydney are always in search of finding the best deals on Sydney CBD hotels and are at the same time thinking and being amazed by its sights, such as the Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, the Sydney Opera House and the Royal Botanic Garden, and its sounds, which come from the many music venues Sydney has that showcase local and international talent. People who come to Sydney rarely want to stay in the suburbs and look for hotels in the Central Business District, which is right in the heart of downtown Sydney.

Sydney’s Central Business District is filled with many great restaurants and bars. It’s the heart of the Sydney economy and many business people flock to this part of Sydney every day to work so it’s not unusual to find many hotels in the CBD that are offering discounts on their room rates due to the high volume of traffic they receive in the way of guests.

the right hotel in Sydney CBD. Many people, tourists and residents alike, believe that Sydney’s central business district is the place to be. It’s highly rated due to its location in the heart of downtown Sydney and proximity to the harbour and waterfront. The area is known for its dense population of skyscrapers which are interweaved with parks such as Hyde Park, The Domain, The Royal Botanic Gardens and Wynyard Park. The main street in the CBD is George Street.

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Are There Cheap 5 Star Hotels to Book in Melbourne?

Flinders street train station in Melbourne

Flinders Street train station in Melbourne.

Melbourne, much like Sydney, offers so many options when it comes to accommodation that you may be stumped at what to book. If you are on a limited budget however you may be looking at the one star budget hotels and motels on the internet. You think you can’t possibly afford a three star hotel and a five star is out of the question.

However, a five star hotel in Melbourne being too expensive to even think about, that might not be the case. There just might be some cheap deals on five star hotels in Melbourne that may be considered by a traveller on a budget.

Now, we’re not saying that a five star hotels have rooms at incredibly low prices such as ten dollars per person per night, that would mean they have had some incredibly bad press or something, but they just may be as low as 70 dollars during the off peak season. That’ll most likely be per person per night but still it’s a vast improvement on the 500 dollars per person per night that would normally be charged during the peak season.

Contrary to popular belief, major hotels don’t close after the summer is done and count their profits. They stay open and try to keep earning business so they are forced to rent out their rooms for a lower price to attract the customer. Hotels in Melbourne, especially those of the five star variety, lose a lot of business to the budget hotel.

Of course, the five star hotels have a reputation for being snobbish about who their clientele are and some simply just prefer to have the richest and most well regarded people staying at their hotels and can afford to lose the extra business.

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Why People are Booking Apartments Over Hotels

furnished apartment living room in Sydney, Australia.

A reason why furnished apartment rentals are becoming more popular than hotels.

When you travel, whether it be overseas or domestic, you want to be assured of great accommodation when you arrive at your destination. An ideal situation would be having all the comforts of home on holiday and when the travel industry took off in the late 1950s with planes being much more accessible to the public, the hotel industry blossomed. Hotels were where people could get taken care of in style and the more affordable they became, the more popped up throughout the world and soon the market was saturated and tourists have become a little disillusioned with booking a hotel when there are apartments available to rent for short and long term stays.

There is much to be said when you book an apartment over a hotel as is outlined on such websites as www.apartmentsfirst.com.au. The greater freedom you experience is one feature that becomes addictive and the apartment is literally all yours to enjoy with no overbearing hotel staff and any other guests in sight. It’s also a wonderful environment for a family to enjoy as there is much more space for children to play in an apartment. In a hotel you have to be conscious of other people and also you have hotel staff who might not be family friendly. There is also the freedom to choose when you want to take your meals, whereas in a hotel, breakfast, lunch and dinner are served on a tight schedule, usually you only have a one hour window to work with. This can be especially annoying in the mornings as breakfast is usually served in hotels at very early hours and when people are on holiday, they generally do not like to rise early. When renting a holiday apartment, you can decide when and even where you want to eat breakfast. This type of freedom when on vacation was never available when travel became the norm years ago and now that it is, travellers are taking full advantage of it.

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Another Accommodation Option in Sydney is Furnished Apartments

furnsihed apartment living room in Sydney

Furnished apartments in Sydney are located in all areas/suburbs including the lower north shore.

Travelling often brings with it many challenges and expenses. Whether you are travelling for fun or for business, the planning can be extensive, and the actual travel can be quite stressful. When booking your accommodations, consider Sydney furnished apartments as an option. As with hotels and other accommodations, Sydney furnished apartments can be booked well in advance, and they offer quiet privacy and easy affordability.

Business trips and holidays can be expensive and uncomfortable. Not only do you have to plan for the flights, travel arrangements after you reach your destination, meals and entertainment costs, you also need to find accommodations that meet your personal needs. Having the space you need to work comfortably is often just as important in your accommodations as having the privacy you need to enjoy your travel. Location, price and amenities can play a major role in your decision.

Hotel prices tend to be high. Adding in the prices of meals, drinks and entertainment can stretch your budget to the extent that you have little left over for fun extras. When staying in a furnished apartment, all these costs can be slashed. Furnished apartments are priced competitively with hotels and can even be far less expensive for long-term stays. The fully equipped kitchens allow you to save on your dining costs by providing you with a convenient place to prepare and enjoy meals on your own or with your friends, and you can save money by laundering your own clothes and entertaining guests in your own place.

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Locating Sydney Accommodations to Match Your Budget

Circular Quay, Sydney

There is a plethora of hotel deals to be found around the Rocks and Circular Quay in Sydney.

My mouse was hovering over the text that read “click here for Sydney hotel deals.” Where do I stay when visiting Sydney? I had discovered that the city had a wealth of options when it came to accommodations. I needed a place that would not only match my budget but also meet my needs. This would narrow down my options, of course, but it would still take some time and research on my part.

Budget Accommodations

Hostels and boarding houses were among the least expensive options. Both are warm, group settings that offer many amenities in a comfortable setting. They are quite affordable, but they offer less privacy than other accommodations. I could choose from a dormitory-like setting or a small shared or private room in a hostel or a private or semi-private room in a boarding house. The facilities tend to be nice and include basic amenities, including a lounge area with TV and WiFi access.

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Boarding House Accommodation or Funished Accommodation in Sydney


Sydney harbour and Sydney CBD

The postcard view of Sydney that most people know.

Boarding houses have a long history in Sydney. The earliest Sydney boarding houses tended to be run by colonial women who had few other entrepreneurial options, and they provided safe and reliable housing for migrant workers and new arrivals. Boarding houses have since grown and evolved along with the city Today, students, businesspeople and those holidaying on a budget often take advantage of boarding houses for safe, inexpensive accommodations. A boarding house is often similar in design to a bed-and-breakfast, but they are designed to provide longer-term accommodations.

They are dotted throughout Sydney and can be found in Darlinghurst, Glebe and Parramatta, and prices can start as low as $145 a week. Far from being a small, plain room with few of the comforts of home, many boarding houses feature attractive furnishings, private and semi-private rooms, private bathrooms and kitchenettes. Boarding houses also frequently provide desirable communal amenities, including comfortable recreational areas with TVs, Internet access, vending machines and spacious courtyards. Laundry facilities and access to public transportation ensure residents are more easily able to provide for their needs.

Furnished apartments can offer an entirely different experience. As with boarding houses, apartment accommodation and in particular short stay rentals in Sydney are available in most suburbs, and they can provide comfortable, affordable accommodations for those staying in the area for a few weeks or longer. Unlike boarding houses, however, furnished apartments generally offer a greater degree of privacy. You can enjoy your own fully furnished apartment with as much space as you need for yourself and your party, if you are travelling with a group.

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First Visit, the Hotel Was Not Bad

First visit, the hotel wasn’t bad. The linens were clean, the beds comfortable, the plumbing worked. “No worries, we’ll only be there to sleep.” Now we know better– if spending money on hotels in the Rocks, Sydney it has to be with Sydney harbour views!! The Internet is packed with detailed information about finding the hotel in the Rocks to suit your budget.

There’s a buzz to this city, and not only in The Rocks of Sydney. The buzz IS Sydney, and even though you feel it as you stroll the promenade of Circular Quay and press through the crowds watching indigenous musicians and capricious street performers, the true heart of the buzz is the harbour itself.

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The History of Boarding Houses in Sydney

by Andrea Sonnenberg.

Boarding houses have long been available to provide inexpensive housing for those needing affordable short- or long-term accommodations, individuals in transition, students and others on a budget. Similar to bed-and-breakfasts in design, boarding houses are generally private residences that provide rooms in exchange for rent, and tenants may be expected to assist in various household tasks and can develop close-knit ties or informal family type bonds. Although not as common as hotels, boarding houses today can provide affordable accommodations to itinerate workers and others who appreciate private facilities, secure housing and an inexpensive solution to their housing needs.

Sydney boarding houses began to spring up early in Sydney’s history. William Street, which ran along the original Aboriginal routes, was built in 1834 and attracted substantial development. Dairy farms were replaced by shopping, pubs, residences and boarding houses. The boarding houses were one of the top housing choices for nearly 50 years until the 1920s and were particularly popular for the single women and men who had travelled to Sydney for work. Boarding houses were largely run by women in those days, and by 1900, there were six women to every man operating boarding houses in Sydney.

At this point in history, women tended to be more valued for their domestic and reproductive abilities than their business sense. However, the rapid proliferation of boarding houses gave women another option, and colonial women were able to establish themselves as property owners, employers and women of authority. In Pitt Street as in William Street, women began to make names for themselves in the world of boarding houses. Some of the women were widows, some worked alongside their husbands and some united with one another to make a living for themselves or support their families.

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